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  • 'When the Worry comes...  Dealing with anxiety and stress in young people

  • Screenagers: Self esteem in a digital world: Managing the emotional demands of adolescence

  • Making children happy: Building resilience - what is the role of parents?

  • 'I swore I would never say that' Being a conscious parent and what influences our parenting

  • 'The Highly Sensitive Child (HSC)' It's more than being just 'sensitive

  • Looking in the Mirror: Encouraging a healthy body image in young people

  • Emotional Wellness and Resilience - how do we improve our emotional health and build up coping skills


All of Talya's workshops are tailored the specific audience: adults, young people or educators

This list is constantly being updated as new workshops are being added.

If you are interested in attending, or hosting a workshop at your school/institution, please contact for further info.          

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