Some of the services Talya offers include:




Together with the client/s, she creates a therapeutic plan of action that best suits their needs.  Services range from individual work with a child, or parent, working with the parenting couple, siblings and/or family sessions.  Currently all services take place ONLINE only.


A unique service that Talya offers is that sessions can take place online as well as in the home environment of the family.  This allows her to work with the family in their own setting, dealing with specific issues as they occur.


The number of sessions required depends on each situation- some require a once-off review, while others may require a more long term approach.  After the initial consultation, Talya will discuss her recommendations and plan of action, taking into account the needs of the situation, the desired goals, time and costs involved.  Following that, the client/s can then make a decision should they wish to proceed further.


Talya provides in-depth and interactive workshops on related topics to her work.  These workshops are typically 90 minutes and provide practical tools and tips for participants.

If you are interested in attending, or hosting a workshop at your school/institution, please contact for dates for 2021 and further info.          


Individual sessions

Family/joint sessions




Home consultation

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