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Talya Ressel is a psychotherapist who has worked in both South Africa and England for the past 18 years.  Above all, she is a curious and real person, trying to navigate this messy life.  She is currently based in London, UK.


Talya works with individuals, couples, and families, with a special focus on dealing with anxiety and high sensitivity.  It was her own experiences, as a child and now as an adult and mother that led her to those two areas of interest.  As part of her ongoing personal and professional journey she has connected with and studied many different models, tools and techniques in an attempt to integrate cutting edge research with psychological approaches and some physically grounding tools.  Her skill is finding ways to make these accessible and relatable to dealing with challenges in every day life. 


She is particularly drawn to working with parents to manage the well-being of their child/ren, themselves and the whole family system and using the model of Internal Family Systems. 

Beyond private therapy sessions, Talya runs therapeutic groups and training workshops as well as consults with various schools and organizations.


Talya is also a well respected professional in the media platform– she has appeared regularly on radio and TV programmes in both the United Kingdom and South Africa, as well as contributed many articles in a variety of print media.

She is registered, accredited and bound by the ethics of the following Boards:

The National Counselling Society NCS 21-10179

Social Work England SW958

Board Of Healthcare Funders 0432741

SACSSP 1023947

Talya graduated with a BSocSci (Hons) in Social Work from the University of Cape Town, following by a PG(Cert) in Systemic Theory from the University of East London, UK (Tavistock Institute). 


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