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'Being human is not about feeling happy,
it's about feeling everything'

People nowadays are more anxious than ever before. They are faced with demanding schedules, high expectations, competing and ongoing pressure from multiple avenues such as work, school, friends, family and often most intensely self-imposed.  It is not only adults struggling to manage with this, but also so many young people too.

When we are not shown what to do when these overwhelming feelings hit, we can start to experience emotional distress, anxiety, low self-confidence and a sense of loneliness.

As a psychotherapist Talya Ressel has spent the past 16 years working with people to assist in managing their anxiety and to develop tools to cope with those experiences. 


While her clients range in ages, she has a particular interest in working with parents to assist them with supporting the entire family's emotional health.  


She is an experienced psychotherapist with her private practice both online and in Mill Hill, London and is often providing useful resources through her TV and radio appearances and blog posts.


Appearing on 'Expresso' TV

Areas of focus


  • Working with individuals, couples, parents & families

  • Understanding and managing anxiety and its impact on daily life

  • Guidance with developing tools for expression and management of those emotions

  • Assistance with managing conflict and times of transition

  • Supporting the understanding of the traits of High Sensitivity

  • Working to enhance clients' own skills and insights to encourage growth and resilience

  • Facilitating family sessions to improve communication and connection between members

  • Providing parental support to enhance family functioning and address any additional emotional/developmental/mental health needs or stressors within the family

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